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All-In One, KNX Server/Gateway Solution


Customizable GUI

Totally free design of Customizable GUI, option to create your own design of buttons, floor plan, and realistic 3D renderings.

Client App

Native Client app for Android, iOS and Windows. Vivid GUI enables the viewing and control from a PC, tablet, and smartphone over the LAN and internet.

Sonos to KNX Gateway

Control Sonos from Maestro’s App and from KNX switches.

Voice Control

Supports Amazon Echo – “Alexa” voice command.

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Standard Protocols

Supports KNX, BACnet, ModBus, DMX, natively.

Proprietary Protocols

Maestro has an advanced protocol generator that allows the system integrator to import from CDI library or write by himself 2 way protocols using RS232, RS485 IP and IR in order to control and integrate external systems such as CoolMaster, Somfy Blinds, Pima, DSC alarm systems and more.

Paradox Security


Acts as the best and most efficient two-way KNX gateway evadible on the market. Maestro provides simple ASCII commands for importing ETS database information and for controlling KNX by 3rd party controllers; it is used by market leaders such as RTI, Contrl4 and more.


Utilizes the KNXnet/IP protocol, enabling remote programming of all KNX devices from ETS at a remote location.

IoT Protocols

Supports MQTT and REST protocols natively.


Capable of collecting years of data and present it over various graphs.


End User’s Management of daily, weekly, and yearly scheduled events, including sunset and sunrise time-based functions.


Easily activate and establish presets through end user’s friendly interface.

IP SIP Video Intercom

Maestro is an advanced IP SIP video phone.

IP Video

Supports wide range of video formats and multiple video streams can be displayed on every Maestro page.

Logic Controller

Function Blocks Controller – using drag and drop only, you can implement highly complex logic and control functions, for even more complex algorithms script language can be used.

Script language

For complex algorithms and 2 way protocols script language can be used.


Sending different e-mail alerts for various events, the text content can be dynamically composed by the artificial intelligence of the Maestro on the fly.


Can present 3rd party wedges such as weather and stock exchange widgets.

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Web Server

Can present web pages for example to display web interface of external system inside Maestros App.

cd innovation, maestro server

Cloud Server

Enabling easy maintenance, and firmware upgrades.

cd innovation, cloud server

Maximum Security

All communications for programming and end users operation aver via secure SSH encrypted and password protected.

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