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The Ultimate

All-In One, KNX Server/Gateway Solution

Build your KNX Control Job Fast and Easy

Maestro Designer, our job designer application, provides all the features and flexibility you’ll ever need. Using intuitive ‘drag and drop’ programming – build unique graphic design, set schedules, macros, Logics, mail alerts, graphs, and so much more. Need a special function? Use scripting language to create your own features. Designing real life custom automation has never been so easy.

Connects KNX and other Systems Together

Maestro seamlessly integrates KNX with external systems to act as ‘one sys-tem’. Inherently supporting:

  • Standard protocols, like: KNX & KNXnetIP, Modbus, DMX, MQTT, and BACnet.
  • Proprietary protocols, like: CoolMaster and Somfy RF, imported from library or created using script language protocols editor.
  • External controllers and devices: Fully automated plug-and-play integration of KNX to external controllers, such as: RTI, Control4, Alexa, and Sonos.

User Takes Maximum Control

Now the user can take control, enjoy Maestro’s intuitive App and even use voice commands through Amazon Alexa. Maestro offers the user a wide range of friendly interfaces to alter settings and parameters, without any as-sistance from the System Integrator. Your clients will love this 24/7 personal assistant that is always available to perform tasks upon request, resulting in optimal performance, energy saving, and the utmost in user functionality and satisfaction.

Why Maestro?

  • Incomparable KNX Gateway: that seamlessly connects a wide range of external systems & devices.
  • Most-flexible: implement any graphics, logic or control function to satisfy your client’s exact project needs.
  • Efficient design tools: simplify programming, maximize efficiency, and saves precious integration time.
  • Wide range of end user editing tools: that are easy to use and “speak” the same language as your client, reducing post-installation on your behalf and increasing client satisfaction.
  • Future Ready: already implements advanced IoT techniques & most efficient protocols.

Why Us?

  • Our Product – Most competitive and suitable for any project size from a small apartment, to a high rise office building; and everything in be-tween. Proven to be totally reliable.
  • Our Experience – Over a decade of experience pioneering the smart home/building automation industry.
  • Our Support – Tech support, including one-on-one training & project support; loan samples for your testing.

Interested in how you can also join our wide range of satisfied KNX integrators working with Maestro?

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