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Scheduling & Macro/scenes

Manage Daily, Weekly and Yearly scheduled events including sunset and sunrise time based functions.

Logical Functions

Internal Function Blocks controller - take the control of highly complex logic and control functions.

Audio/Video Control

The Maestro enables control of external systems using IR, RS232 and IP communications, it also acts as KNX gateway to the external systems.

IP SIP video intercom

Maestro is an advanced IP video phone based on SIP H.263 and G711 standards. Typical applications are video intercom, video camera.

Client App for iPhone/iPad/Android

Maestro acts as server to client App having the same graphic interface and functionality of the Maestro on the cell phone and tablets.


Maestro has embedded Email server enabling to send different Email alerts indicating event/situations in your home.

Why Choose Us

Maestro combines all the essential functions that the modern smart home demands, and therefore is cost effective, making it an attractive option for your clients.

Maestro is exceptionally powerful, with a flexibility that enables you to easily solve technical issues.

Maestro is easy to program, saving you time and energy. A 20 minute video tutorial is all it takes to become a Maestro pro.

And CD innovation offers you comprehensive tech support on Email, skype and TeamViewer.

For 10 years, Maestro has been the market leader, in both performance and ease of use. Maestro is the preferred choice of first-class system integrators and even large KNX manufacturers.

Available anywhere, anytime

  • Maestro Apps provides user-friendly graphic
  • interface on your cell phones, smart devices
  • and tablets via WiFi or GPRS.

About us

CD Innovation is a leading developer and marketer of EIB / KNX products. The CD Innovations’ product family leverages and combines proven techniques for the smart management of energy usage and building control. This guarantees optimal quality performance and reliability, superior comfort levels, and dramatic savings in installation and energy costs.

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