KNX Gateway Maestro

Maestro – KNX Gateway

CD Innovation is proud to announce its new version of Maestro as a ‘Gateway Only’. This new version of Maestro enables the Connection to KNX by implementing very simple ASCII commands only; thus avoiding the complexity of implementation of the full KNX protocol

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Maestro KNX Server by Cdinnovation now supports Paradox

CD Innovation the manufacturer and supplier of Maestro, an advanced KNX Server / Gateway, is proud to announce the support of the Paradox Security Systems.

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New KNX Touch Screen Server by CD Innovation

We are happy to announce the introduction of our prestigious new KNX screen server . This 1280×800 IPS 10.1″ touch screen by CD Innovation is built of a high quality metal and glass materials offering some powerful features such as: 4 core 64bit CPU, 1GB DDR memory, 6 channels dry …

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KNX Sonos Gateway using Maestro

CD Innovation the manufacturer and supplier of Maestro, an advanced KNX Server / Gateway, is proud to announce the support of SONOS the advanced wireless home sound system. Now, Maestro’s latest firmware supports auto detection of SONOS system.

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KNX BACnet Gateway using Maestro

We are glad to announce that Maestro now incorporates also the BACnet Server capability. BACnet is a world communication standard for Building Automation and Control (BAC). More and more Building Management Systems (BMS) use BACnet / IP as a communication backbone network for their control systems. It is based on a Client …

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Maestro KNX TouchScreen Server

Maestro’s Graphs make Energy Management so easy like never before!

CD Innovation is happy to announce of some new characteristics lately added and supported by Maestro. It is now capable of collecting various data such as temperature, wind speed, power consumption, solar radiation etc’ and presenting them on graphs. The source of such data can be received directly from equipment …

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KNX Alexa, Maestro, CD innovation

Maestro now supports Amazon’s Alexa

CD Innovation the manufacturer and supplier of Maestro, an advanced KNX Server / Gateway,  is proud to announce the support of Alexa the intelligent and most popular personal assistant developed by Amazon. Now, users of Maestro Server will be capable of using KNX Alexa to control all systems and devices …

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KNX to MQTT gateway, Maestro

Maestro now supports IoT MQTT

We are proud to announce that Maestro KNX Server now supports the well-known lightweight IoT MQTT protocol for Internet communication. The IoT world has been more and more prominent in our daily life with the MQTT to become the protocol of choice for it. So no wonder that renowned commercial …

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Maestro from CD Innovation now supports DMX control

The increased use of LED lighting and other lighting effects by architects and interior designers makes DMX (Digital Multiplex) equipment to be more and more popular in the modern houses and buildings. CD Innovation has identified that need for an optimal and seamless connectivity between KNX and DMX and completed the …

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Maestro now supports Modbus RS485/IP

As an answer to the growing demand for a smooth integration between KNX and Modbus in smart homes and building automation projects, Maestro KNX server now provides a built-in seamless Modbus RTU over RS485 / IP connectivity.…

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KNX to RTI gateway

Revolutionary KNX to RTI Gateway using Maestro from CD Innovation

CD Innovation is happy to announce that RTI Controllers utilizing Maestro Server as KNX gateway can dramatically enhance the efficiency of KNX to RTI integration. Using Maestro enables importing the complete KNX project from ETS to the RTI in less than a minute! (as demonstrated on the video below) Maestro’s …

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