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Our Story

Itay Sidi was one of the earliest adopters and influencers of KNX. He was even involved back in 1994 when it was still known as “EIB” and “instabus”. He was also behind the first All-In-One HVAC fan coil controller for KNX in 1998.
After he founded CD Innovation in 2005, Sidi’s groundbreaking work continued as the new company led development of the world’s first smart mobile device application for KNX in 2006, this was before the iPhone was even launched in 2007! CD Innovation also was behind the world’s first KNX touch screen server with SIP-video-intercom capability in 2009.

Our KNX Philosophy

Here at CD Innovation we think that since the KNX system is a world standard that is based on a decentralized architecture, it provides a wonderful and reliable winning technology to work with.
KNX works like a nervous system in a living organism. It is connected to sensors and actuators that react immediately and instinctively. For example, simply pressing a button activates a shutter motor via communication means only.
But, in a nervous system instincts alone are not enough. High-level abilities require a powerful brain—the more developed the brain, the more advanced the functions the entire system is capable of.
That is why at CD Innovation we are committed to building the KNX “brain” that will take KNX to the next level in terms of sophistication and advanced capabilities. We are creating a product that maximizes the potential of KNX in areas such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Energy Savings
  • Convenience
  • Availability
  • Connectivity to external systems

Our Accomplishments

We have continuously proven our ability to respond quickly to the fast pace of technology and keep our position as an industry leader. We have been successfully keeping up to date developing interfaces for: Amazon Alexa, IoT MQTT and more.
We are proud that our KNX concept and products have consistently proven themselves over the years. Our company has been chosen for a wide range of prestigious, high-visibility projects on almost every continent. We have worked on everything from saturated construction to celebrity villas, from UEFA approved football stadiums to government offices and universities.
Our technology has even been used in many famous projects such as Vauxhall Tower and Sagrada Famillia. Vauxhall Tower is the tallest residential building in the United Kingdom and CD Innovation technology can be found in every apartment in the building. See samples of our prestige projects here.

Our Mission

We believe that technology should make your life easier, not harder. Any innovation should meet the following two core principles before it is good enough to put the CD Innovation name behind it:
Maximum flexibility and ease of use for the integrator and the end customer. They should never feel like that the system limits them and the system should always deliver the ultimate user experience.
Reliability above all. No matter how large and complex the project is and no matter how many years the controller runs continuously, the controller must work with 100% reliability. There is no room for compromise when it comes to reliability.

Innovation alone is not enough – Integrator as King

Our success is due to the amazing integrators we have had the pleasure to work with. Part of our business model is fully support the integrator and make his or her job as easy as possible. This includes providing personal attention and service—including close supervision up to the actual project level. We are available seven days a week 365 days a year.
We view the integrator as king, and that is the true secret to our success.

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