Maestro Designer Totorials 39M 28/10/2008

Maestro Designer Manual

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Teil_Maestro_Deutsch_Arbeitsversion1.43..pdf 3M, 10/2008 German

Important ! to be used only with MS4-x and MTS4-x devices, pay attention: once project is saved using Maestro Designer 2 – it will not be possible to load the project to MS3-x MTS3-x or older devices anymore !!!!!
MaestroDesigner2Setup_2023_06_19_J3.exe 19/06/2023
Maestro Designer 1.4 software
Important ! to be used with MS3-x and MTS3-x or older devices
Before installing Maestro Designer 1.4, you must have Java installed on your PC. The latest Java version compatible with Maestro is Java 7.71 (Maestro designer is not compatible with Java 8) To get Java 7.71 for windows click here: Java_7.71_download 13,102,565 bytes 26/03/2014

IR learner utility 23M

Graphic library

Maestro Designer graphic library – Copy right by CD Innovation! 138M

Firmware upgrade
For all MS2, MTS2, MS3, MTS3 models
NOT !!! for MS1 and MTS 8.4
firmware-upgrade_2014_08_06.tar.gz 25,147,009 bytes 06/08/2014/
During firmware upgrade the device will restart 1 to 3 times before it will start the project. Don’t interrupt this process.

b>Gateway Protocols: Unzip the file and then import the serial protocol to your Maestro Designer Project (Linkers and devices window /Serial Communication tab)
The protocols are given as free service from CDI. CDI provides the protocols “as is” and dos not provide any warranty of any kind to the protocols.
PIMA Hunter-Pro 8144 intruder alarm systems 12,307 bytes (protocol)
DMX 512
NUVO_NV_E6DMS/ 4K (protocol) 240K (Maestro Designer demo project of Nuvo control)
iPort Maestro KNX Gateway / Protocol 6K (protocol)
iPortControl 3.3M (Maestro Designer demo project of iPort control)
Russound Maestro KNX Gateway / Protocol 31K (Protocol), 4M (Maestro Designer demo project of RUSSOUND control)
Revox Maestro protocol 5k (Protocol), 1.5M (Maestro Designer Project)
Sherwood Maestro KNX Gateway / Protocol 2K (Protocol)
Speakercraft Maestro KNX Gateway / Protocol 7K (Protocol)
Pioneer_VSX_81_TXV Maestro KNX Gateway / Protocol 4K (Protocol) 710K (Maestro designer demo project)
CoolMaster Maestro KNX Gateway / RS232 Protocol (control Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Sanyo, Hitachi, Fujitsu, VRV/VRF Air Condition systems ) 20,849K (protocol) 566,997K
CoolMasterNetIP Maestro KNX Gateway / IP Protocol ( control Daikin,
( Gree, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi-Heavy, Panasonic/Sanyo, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, VRV/VRF Air Condition systems ) 26KB
(Maestro Designer project)
ABB Dali gateway – polling Lamps and devices status 440K(project) 160K (protocol)
Microsoft Media Centr control
To use this communication protocol you, first, have to install MCE CONTROLLER ON YOUR HOST PC. here is the link to it:
MCEController 1.5.1 800K (project) 2K (protocol)
Generic Protocol
The generic protocol is a simple ASCII gateway protocol, it enables the sending and receiving of values between external control systems/software (such as AMX, Crestron, RTI, Pronto…) and the Maestro. it also enables to use the Maestro as a gateway between KNX to the external control systems. 11K (Protocol)
DCS Alarm System 7K (Protocol)
Paradox Alarm System 197KB (Project) 15KB (Protocol)
Onkyo 9K (Protocol)
SOMFY RF 2K (Protocol)