Maestro KNX Server by Cdinnovation now supports Paradox

KNX Server Paradox

CD Innovation the manufacturer and supplier of Maestro, an advanced KNX Server / Gateway, is proud to announce the support of the Paradox Security Systems.
Now, Maestro’s new driver supports the communication protocol for Paradox enabling the control and monitoring of the Paradox alarm systems. This will enable the user, to arm and disarm the system directly from Maestro’s application. Not only that, but the user can view the current status of an Area. e.g. Area’s Label name (same as entered from the Paradox System), Armed, Disarmed, Not Ready, In Alarm. In addition, user can view the current status of a Zone e.g. Zone’s Label name (same as entered from the Paradox System), O.K, Open, In Alarm, Tampered, Fire Loop Trouble and more.

Integrator can build up the interface via Maestro Designer to present the various information as shown by the sample here adding additional information to his like.

KNX Server Paradox

Moreover; Interfacing to the Paradox system via Maestro enables the user to predefine various scenarios such as: Turning lights and Audio on when receiving alerts from the system, Initiating mail alerts, using the system detectors/sensors to save energy e.g. shutting off AC at no human presence, light control etc’.

KNX Server Paradox – Maestro’s new communication protocol for Paradox supports up to 8 Area(s) and all Zone(s) that can be presented and controlled/Monitored separately or together.

Note: Communication will be initiated via Paradox’s PRT3 communication module.

This new communication protocol to support the Paradox Security Systems comes in addition to the support of other alarm systems such as: Pima, Bentel, and  DSC Security Products . It all adds up to a breadth of Maestro’s unique features, emphasizing CD Innovation’s ongoing commitment to the home and building automation markets and to its worldwide KNX professional channels and customers everywhere.

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