Projects Maestro KNX is Everywhere

George Wharf Tower Tallest residential building in London, UK

KNX Job: Lights, HVAC, blinds control + advanced logics and scenes control

Sagrada Familia, Spain

KNX Job: Building management

Governmental building, Ramle, Israel

KNX Job: Building control and visualization over 4000 data points.

National university of Singapore

KNX Job: About 200 visualization pages (floor maps)

Underground Stations London, UK

KNX Job: Light control and escalators signaling.

Los Almirantes 5 stars Boutique Hotel, Spain

KNX Job: Controlling/monitoring: lights, A/C, presence sensors,door locks and more.

Boetie 107, CHAMPS ELYSEES PARIS, France

KNX Job: Controlling lights door locks video intercom system.

Eastern golf club Victoria, Australia

KNX Job: Controlling Lights, Blinds and external feature and security Lighting.

Rosewood Hotel, Phnom Penh (Dragon), Cambodia

KNX Job: Energy management room control.